Double Anointing, Covenant Relationships, and Expansion: Territorial Reach

Double Anointing, Covenant Relationships, and Expansion: Territorial Reach


This word came swiftly to my spirit and in three parts of one story. I have felt the urgency of divine assignments this season, and myself the weight can easily sway my focus from the love and presence of God to tasks for the kingdom. I found this word refreshing in my life as well a a lifting of heavy burdens. May this word encourage you today.


 ONE: The Weight of Urgency


In this divine message, crafted for the relentless souls unwavering in their commitment to fulfilling their assignments, a sense of urgency reverberates. Swiftly, you cast off unnecessary burdens – ministry expertise, personal responsibilities, tasks, and relationships. Yet, in your haste, a crucial element of God's presence remained unattended. A fundamental query echoes within: What good is punctuality if you lack the anointing?


As you navigate this season, may the Holy Spirit tenderly touch your hearts and illuminate your vision, providing a fresh outlook and guiding you to your destined place. Remember that one can conquer a thousand, yet, in the pursuit of your thousand, precious anointing can be squandered. While others possess a full cup, your spiritual reservoir may be leaking.


What may superficially appear as a pause is, in truth, an infusion of a double portion – an acceleration and an empowerment. The Lord is now unveiling the roster of individuals to add to your camp and enlist in your kingdom assignments. This phase is not about slowing down but accelerating, enhancing your reach, and amplifying your impact. In Jesus' name, may your anointing overflow and intensify.


How could one chase a thousand, And two put ten thousand to flight, Unless their Rock had sold them, And the LORD had surrendered them?
Deuteronomy 32:30 KJV




TWO: A New Yoking of Covenant Relationships


The divine orchestration extends to new instructions, ushering in a double portion and an intensified anointing within relationships and ministries. In the midst of intense spiritual warfare, the emergence of covenant relationships assumes prominence. Those connections previously shelved are returning to grace your journey. Embrace this remarkable double blessing!


The oil, carefully prepared for such a precise moment, stands ready. The obedient, those steadfastly abiding in His presence, are about to experience a cascade of divine glory. It's a season of fire, illumination, anointing, refreshing showers, divine clouds, golden dust, ethereal feathers, and intensified prayers. The Lord approaches, bearing not only healing but comprehensive restoration. Firmly hold onto your faith, for the forthcoming anointing and divine fire are poised to outshine your expectations as this year concludes. Be steadfast in your pursuit, positioning yourself to receive this abundant grace.


But unto you that fear my name, shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in His wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.
Malachi 4:2-4 KJV



THREE: Birthing New Blueprints for Expansion


The Spirit now imparts fresh blueprints for this season of expansion. Brace yourself for acceleration and an extension of your territorial reach. The key to growth within your circle lies in nurturing covenant relationships. The Lord, in His boundless wisdom, is meticulously restoring the relationships pivotal to His kingdom's divine assignment. In this transformative process, the relationships you cherish are undergoing a profound shift, transforming into double yolks and a deepened anointing.


Picture a divine amalgamation forming, as mighty teams and tandem groups come to life across diverse territories, spanning provinces and spiritual realms. These teams stride forward, donned in an array of colorful mantles, seamlessly uniting in purpose. The oil of covenant relationships mingles harmoniously as these teams gain access to new blueprints and strategies for spiritual warfare.


In the realm of the spirit, tandems and teams advance with a singular purpose – to engage in warfare. They approach the battlefront accompanied by multiple chariots and a multitude of horses, poised to conquer age-old strongholds and unveil concealed altars. As the body of Christ assembles to breach the enemy's gates, a fresh wave of divine glory surges forth, bearing the weight of heaven's authority.


Dreams and visions commence to unveil intricate blueprints, outlining both structural and strategic aspects. While these blueprints may not align with your preconceived notions, they represent a blueprint for victory, ushering in the establishment of God's divine covenant on Earth. The Lord, in His sovereignty, is orchestrating this transition, ushering in an era of triumphant glory. A renewal of His grace flows freely, enlivening His obedient servants as the spiritual atmosphere thickens and radiates with vibrant hues. This ethereal manifestation, akin to refracted light on glistening crystals, culminates in a radiant and captivating rainbow anointing.


Then loudly the feet of the horses were sounding with stamping, the stamping of their war horses.
Judges 5:22 BBE




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