Collection: F2023 RUNWAY

Explore our Runway Collection featuring soft, long-body unisex tees in custom-blended Sage Green, hand-dyed to perfection. These tees are paired with a unique tie-dyeing process, resulting in eye-catching Plums and Reds in our staple hoodies adorned with bold and playful lion graphics, reminiscent of the golden era of fashion.

Complement your look with fresh, eclectic socks. This collection carries the weight of color theory and playfulness, capturing the unique expression of individual style.

Speaking prophetically of the emergence of new fire, new  wine & oil, and the rise of new prophets for the advancement of the Kingdom. Often found in the most uncommon places, the Spirit of the Lord calls forth Kingdom glory carriers from every corner of the earth. From the fire and the wilderness, we witness the rise of Kingdom fire spreading.